The Man Behind Maxeff Music

Zac Szymusiak

Producer & Sound Designer

Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Songwriter, Beatmaker & Multi-Instrumentalist

Zac Szymusiak has worked as a producer; mastering, mixing & recording engineer; and musician for more than 20 years. As a performer, his credits include work on albums as a vocalist, guitarist, drummer, bassist and keyboardist, on his own albums but also for a variety of other artists. Songwriting, beatmaking and production are his current focus, cultivate a diverse collection of artists, working hard to help them realize their aspirations in an affordable fashion. Beyond production, other areas such as sound design, beat sales, sample packs and loops play a big role in his professional pursuits. In the last few years, mastering has played an even greater role in his repertoire, working in that capacity to help artists realize the physical manifestations of their vision. He has also periodically worked as a live sound engineer and even spent a stint as an on-air DJ. Still finding time to make music of his own, work has commenced on a follow-up to his current band Grayhawk’s debut album, “The Sacred Seal,” pushing the narrative of their choose-your-own-adventure metal even further than before. He is also planning to release a “full band” follow-up to his debut solo album, “Soliloquy of Echoes,” which utilized a 30 foot high grain silo to create an epically ethereal reverb. Even more diverse musical developments ahead, so keep checking back here for word on his beat tape and forthcoming fully instrumental album.